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Remembering Skyline  

Benjamin Murray has everything a man could want on Skyline Mountain . . . land, business, and all the adventure his heart desires. But, after an unfortunate accident

leaves him with no memory of his previous life, Ben mistakenly assumes he’s Scottish.

Off he goes, swaggering his sexy Highland self about town, on an adventure to discover his identity. 

Cassidy Spencer has had enough and Benjamin Murray is at the top of her list. All

she wants this post-Christmas season is a winter getaway to revise her happily-ever-after-plan, one without Ben and his stubborn disinterest in anything beyond business.

But before she can hightail it out of town, life takes an unexpected turn. Now Cassidy can’t get away from Ben or his randy affections, and he doesn’t even remember his own name.


Painting Skyline 


Bear never cared much for being tied down until he found himself tracking Julia, the latest resident of Skyline Mountain.  She’s slipped through his hands on many occasions but Bear’s made up his mind the time has come to put a stop to that. 


Julia is enjoying her new home on the mountain and trying desperately to stay out of the line of fire from both her grandmother and a local bear.  While her grandmother is about as under control as possible, Julia has made eye contact with the bear and he’s not proving to be controllable. 


With the help of his friends and family, Bear may be able to hold Julia still long enough for her to see his good side.  Heck, he might even come out of hiding and shave for her!  The question is, will Julia have anything to do with him once she finds out who he really is? 

Renovating Christmas


Jon Frazer, renovator extraordinaire, has no idea what he is doing saving an old house on top of Skyline Mountain at Christmastime where traditions are held like law. Luckily for him, a neighbor across the way knows just how to maneuver the Homeowners’ rules and keep him out of hot water. 


Christy Layne, a graphic artist and mother of one, has lived a quiet life since the death of her all-too-young military husband. She prides herself in the success of her business and the joys of parenthood. But this Christmas she’s feeling a gaping hole in her life, one that work and children can’t fill. 


Can rules and regulations move the past aside in time for lights, laughter, and a little bit of mayhem to tangle two hearts up in love for Christmas? 

Cash & Lila  


Lila Marie Jacobs has finally hit rock bottom. . . no MBA, no man of her own, and no place to live thanks to the pink slip from her landlord. It’s high time for a sit-down with her heart and some serious regrouping of life, love, and a re-write of her own happily-ever-after. 

Cash Bonner returns home attempting to reverse the clock and reclaim the life he left behind, including the only woman he has ever loved. He’ll take it easy. He’ll get it right the second time around. But a surprise meeting pushes him into unexpected fast action. 

When his rushed makeup plan goes south, will Cash find a way to convince Lila to give him one more chance? Can he persuade her that he has loved her all along. . .

Mistaken Identities 


MASK OF THE HIGHLANDER, by Bambi Lynn: Ty Voss is returning home after years fighting the English in France. He is anxious to return to his beautiful wife and finally meet the daughter he has never known. Kenna dreads her husband's homecoming like the plague. The man she married is a cruel tyrant. She had prayed he would be killed in the fighting, freeing her from a life of brutal torment and a loveless marriage. But the man on her doorstep is not the same. This man is kind, gentle and sparks a fire in her she never felt in the early days of her marriage. Could he be an impostor?

REMEMBERING SKYLINE, by Lesia Flynn: Ben has been hanging Christmas lights during his down season for years. It was simply what he did to get by from one river cabin season to the next. But this year, due to an unfortunate incident, he finds himself in the emergency room. When he walks out of the hospital, having no memory of his life before, he assumes the role of a Scotsman, figuring that’s who he is since there’s a kilt hanging in his closet, fresh from the dry cleaners. The only thing is, he’s not Scottish at all. But he can’t be talked out if it and assumes the randy role with gusto. Cassidy has had enough! And Ben is at the top of her list. She’s been trying for years to get Ben’s attention. But no. Not until he’s lost all of his memory, that is. Now she can’t get away from him and he doesn’t even know his own name. 

UNLIKELY REBEL, by Amy Boyles: "I loved him the moment his dark eyes met mine, and I swore I would do anything to get him." The year was 2087, the height of the second Civil War. The Patriot Party waged a fiery assault against the government in response to the oil drought. They were successful, winning cities and territories, burning as they went… So begins Book One of the Dark Revolution series, a tale where the future is ruled by an elite group that dictates what people eat, what they wear, even who they marry. Caught in the middle is Anna Hinton, a young woman torn between her desire for Branthe, a mysterious rebel, and loyalty to her family. But when Branthe reveals a secret that shakes the very foundation of her beliefs, will the truth prove too much for Anna to handle?